Evan Charles DiBona

Jul 23, 2022

Starting This.

Two things are true: I want to use this platform to help others and at some point I’d like to make some money off of this. This being Legal Research for the common man. Not some heady and pricy service aimed at law firms, just one man trying to organize and decipher the law for average people who want some clarity.

Since I already have a need to think out loud, I figure it might be worth it to put these notes in a conspicuous spot. Plus, since I’ll likely be rewriting and polishing them up, they may serve as a starting place for someone else too.

To The Races…

This is freelancing. Not sure why it took my mind so long to reach that conclusion. So, as Dan Lok affirms, I’ve gotta be good at this before I do it for money, and even then I can’t expect the money to come until I have a full list of testimonials.


Now here’s one that just came up as I started to write this: guest blogging, duh. Law blogs of professionals and students are a dime a dozen, for both videos and written mediums. Twitter, hive, mastodon, etc. So why not leverage those as well?

There are lots of jobs that are adjacent the law profession, I am sure that there is opportunity all along that border (dealerships, real estate, notary, banking), however that class of service will require some serious knowledge of those more complicated domains.

It’s my suspicion that the areas where I have a real potential to deliver is with food trucks, small food businesses, any retail business, people who have an interest in PMA’s,


For now I will be sticking to topics within the context of North Carolina. I don’t want to get bogged down with the process of various jurisdictions. So that part of these topics will only become quicker and more polished. Because the most obvious competition are legal professionals with access to high end research services. What I have to offer are my thoughts and abilities to make connections where others can’t.

Although I’m not sure if I’d best achieve that with zetels, long walks, or some other method.

Once I have dug into a topic, the goal becomes finding key knowledge which will elucidate the problems experienced by my client. My research doesn’t need to find a solution, but it does need to describe the problem and hint at possible solutions. Then that information must be presented in a way that is digestable. I rather like the idea of a mind map table of contents, then use zetel-like id’s to reference the pages.

Ultimately the trick is to provide ideas for moving forward, while being a useful reference that the client can refer to regardless of how he decides to progress.


Now this part of things is pretty straightforward. Either I get some form of certification(s) or I get a lot of reviews and testimonials. The one part of this I want to do ‘differently’ is by having my own standards that I am transparent with. Just as I was outlining above, my product should have a clear intention and goal. A reference booklet that will take you through 80% of your journey in this legal battle, business pursuit, or other navigation through the seas of law.


There are the obvious registries of criminals and listings of people in prison. The only problem with those, is that 80% of them are people I don’t want to work with. I still have the option of posting to physical bulletin boards and linking back to my website. Emailing attorneys from directories. Visit court on my off days and leave business cards in the court room, make small talk, or pass it to people who would benefit. Then there are the traditional methods. Pay per click, get in a magazine, perhaps working with volunteer organizations.


This one is harder for me to wrap my head around, yet possibly a bigger payoff. Could start with just emailing all the law offices in a 10 mile radius, state that I’m a newbie who is interested in the field, offer my time or figure out what they want. Ask a couple of questions.

It would be worth selecting a few notaries once I start working in a consistent area. Perhaps there’s the possibility of providing services on multiple levels, having a few “signing agents” for general notary work. Also I could ask notaries who they’ve done work for that had a lot of legal questions, pass them my cards.


Write for my site, but everything on my site ought to be evergreen. Much of the content needs to be structured as a research paper, even if it’s written as something more approachable.

To keep tabs on any legal research I publish: evandibona.com/v/lglr