Evan Charles DiBona

Jul 26, 2022

Looking To Rebuild

If you’ve stumbled across this page out of curiosity, but have no land or no interest in renting it out, I could still use your assistance. If you know of someone who would be interested, and we work out a lease, I’ll happily gift you $100 for the assistance. Maybe even something just for an introduction.

Hey there, however you stumbled across this page I hope you are doing well and I appreciate you taking the time to read it. If you’d like to know more about me, I’m rewriting my resume: resume.

The reason I’m writing this now, is because of the transitory nature of my life right now. I’ve lived in a few places, had some fun with road trips, and I’m excited to start building something stable. With that said, here’s a deeper dive into this idea.

The Concept

A long term lease, for a piece of land. Something that could accomodate a small cabin, and that you wouldn’t mind being inhabited for several years. This cabin would be constructed by hand, with mostly natural materials, and would be easy to demolish when the lease is up, if that were your choice. If not, it would make for a great AirBnb or another rental for someone like myself.

So with that providing the big picture idea, I’d like to try and explain the details a bit better.

The Lease

Length of lease.

Payment of lease.

The Cabin


Construction Style.

Usage of utilities.

The Benefits

My fingers are crossed that we could work out a scenario of a long term lease, for $50 - $100 a month. Where I could start to live immediately in a tent and begin construction on a small cottage to eventually inhabit. I realize (especially after reading so many postings for apartments) how odd this sounds. Especially for as hardas one may have worked to acquire that land in the first place. It certainly isn’t for everyone.

Yet for those of you who do have unoccupied land to spare, it could be a good investment. Let’s say I’m paying $80 a month for a quarter of an acre, that values that bit of land at $8,000. Which, if I had in cash, I would happily spend on a half or whole acre in a more rural area. You’re earning a one percent monthly interest on a piece of land which normally would have just layed there. Then there’s the positive of having a great neighbor! Haha, although maybe that comes down to your personality. But still, I’d like to think I’m decent to be around, and can be very quiet if you enjoy the solitude of your land. If I do build a home 90% of the construction will be with hand tools.

As far as the specifics go, those are things I’m confident we could work out.

The Dream

It’s funny when I was younger I thought I was better than a man who makes $100k a year. My mind was absolutely convinced that I’d be making that in a couple of years after college and by 30, that I’d be on my way to $200k a year.

Now, as I look at the simple dreams I have, just one year of that income and I’d be set for the next decade. Funny how dramatically perspectives can shift.

In the scenario that I described above, I’m imagining a seven year lease. During that time I construct a small cottage, perhaps 200 to 500 sq ft, add some simple gardens and do some basic landscaping. Everything I am envisioning involves working with your land. For example, on a woody lot that gets lots of shade, I might:


I think that’s all I’ve got for now. This is certainly an unusual way to live and to pay, but I’ve personally seen it work in Massachusetts and heard of many others doing something similar in the midwest. It all comes down to what works for you and if you have an interest in making some money off of a small chunk of your vacant land. If you don’t, no problem. If you do, then you’re welcome to give me a call, text, or an email. I will defiinitely get back to you.

three three six, 904, three nine eight zero. evandibona(at)proton^me

Thanks again for your time, I hope you have a lovely week!


Evan Charles DiBona

PS, here are some examples of the types of low-impact homes I’d like to build, and mention that they’d also function great as very unique AirBnB rentals.