Evan DiBona

Jun 27, 2022


black and white selfie

Briar Woods High School

2007 – 2011

Ah, Briar Woods. It had its ups, it had its downs, and I forever learned the consequences of talking politics and religion too much.

University of North Carolina, Charlotte & Greensboro

2011 – 2013

Not particularly proud of my performance at these schools. There were things in my life that distracted me from class, my mind doesn't take well to rigid academia, and, ironically the one class that was related to my major (engineering) had an instructor that only highlighted all the negative parts of a career in engineering.

It didn't help my motivation.

Those experiences though, still teach me a lot when I'm able to contrast them with the methods I use today to effectively learn things. As unfortunate as it was to face such a monumental failure, it has really buffered the pain of any future challenges.

Plus, there are many avenues to do the work I had dreamed of doing when I was younger. Life has a long way to go.

Small Jobs

Offered a management position at a dry cleaners fresh out of high school. Tried my hand at printing t-shirts, found out that even after 8 months of practice, I still struggled to stay awake for the larger jobs.

In 2016 I gave into a suggestion to get a dime-a-dozen job in Alaska. Turns out, it was exactly what I needed at the time to get out and get a better perspective on life. Keeping tours on schedule and handling whatever hospitality issues came up, kept my mind occupied and gave me a chance to improve my public speaking.

Currently I'm working in landscaping and hard scapes.

Restaurant Work

Even though I just picked up a restaurant job, as a challenge to improve my social skills, it ended up being one of the more meaningful types of work I've done.

  • Hutch & Harris
  • Bonefish Grill
  • Bistro B
  • Magnolia Blue
  • Einstein's
  • Dobrá Tea

All of my experiences were as a waiter. It really forces one to put his higher thoughts in the background and develop multitasking real quickly. While I can't say I'm a master organizer now, I was really bad before I worked in this industry. Unfortunately the 2020 shenanigans really killed my interest in that industry. I'm hopeful that I'll get a chance to change that trend though, PMA restaurants are just waiting to blossom.


Ah good ol' sales. I'll add more at some point, but my conclusion is that it isn't for me. Don't get me wrong, the immense amount of study, self development, extracurricular reading, and prospecting experiments really added to my overall skills and knowledge in life. Unfortunately, there is a certain edge that I lacked as a salesman.

That said, Crown Acura and Gander Outdoors were both great places to work. Although I probably got lucky with Gander, as most of that company is watered down, but most of my coworkers were from the previously acquired company.


I debated putting this on here, but I feel that it's a significant part of my skill-set. Though unpolished, I have absorbed quite a bit of programming knowledge over the years. In recent years I haven't studied very actively, but I have been working on some small projects for fun, most are on my Github.

I've dabbled in Ruby, Python, bash, C, Go, and probably a few others. I've spent time with Assembly, Forth, Lua, and (this is a bit of a stretch) TI-Basic.

So, like a car enthusiast, I'm well educated and minimally practiced. By no means would I consider myself a professional, yet my working knowledge of operating systems, logic, electronics, and general programming makes me feel at home in just about any information engineering context.

In 2015 I spend 3.5 months attending a "Coding Bootcamp" mostly working with a Microsoft stack that involved backend and frontend development. Honestly, it could have been a good course. The teacher was knowledgeable, and for the first half I was very excited. But towards the end it devolved into piecing together bits of code like a kindergartener might slap colors together to make a picture.

It came with the guarantee of a job, but the necessary elements for completion turned out to be very vague and nothing came of that experience. Still, it was interesting.