Evan DiBona

Jun 25, 2022

Right now, this week, I’m working on getting this new personal website up and running.

Today alone I was able to build the structure from scratch on Hugo. While it would have only been a couple of hours to do it with flat html, having it built as a hugo website gives me some great tools. Ones which I probably don’t fully appreciate yet.

But any small feature that needs to be added is so simple. Just a little basic scripting.

I was very tempted to use a stock theme from the hugo website as well, but I was ultimately too stubborn to make those concessions. And as my reward I get to stick with PureCss. I’m no pro at it, but I’m familiar with the framework.

It amazes me how each time you do the “same” project, you improve on it in a significant way. Even though I’m a very amateur programmer, I’ve got this little system exactly how I want it. Every day all of my additions get pushed to the live version.

I’m quite pleased with that, haha.